100 California Companies Interested in Building Trump Border Wall

Liberal rhetoric and virtue signalling aside, when it comes to making money, there are no principles left to speak about even in California, a heavy leaning left state, as we just got word about one hundred California based companies manifesting their interest in building President Trump’s border wall at the southern border.

Approximately 100 companies ranging from mom and pop builders to tiny architectural firms and international corporations are stepping up to the plate, aiming at helping building the infamous (only in California) border wall with Mexico, which made (among other things) Donald Trump the 45th POTUS.

Even if the detractors said more than once that despite The Donald’s promise, there’s no chance in Hell for Mexico to pay for the wall, the wall is going to be built at some point in the near future. The Department of Homeland Security already drew a presolicitation notice last month via the official website of the Federal Business Opportunities, for the design and build of several prototype wall structures (translated: big beautiful wall) at the United States-Mexico border.

There are already more than 600 vendors/entities interested in pocketing some beaucop federal dollars, with almost 100 of them in California.

Truth be told, as the general rule of thumb, any big government project will lure private businesses from all over the country (or the world, like France’s La Farge) regardless of one’s personal political views, considering that we’re talking about an infrastructure project where billions of dollars will be spent and fortunes will be made.

If that’s going to happen, and it’s already happening folks, every red blooded American entrepreneur would like a piece of it, even if Trump’s Big Beautiful Wall is one of the most politically divisive projects ever to be proposed by a POTUS.

After all, President Trump is just following on his campaign promises like no other president in recent history.