20 Incredibly Smart Ads You Must View

Despite millions of ads flooding the television, websites, and billboards, some advertisement firms still manage to create something eye-catching. In order to make products stand out, and more importantly, sell, ad agencies have to make something that’s unique and attention-grabbing.

smart ads 1

Losing weight is easier if you have the right people around you.

smart ads 2

You decide what’s more horrifying.

smart ads 3

If you use Orion telescopes, you’ll be able to see every detail.

smart ads 4

Forget about your smartphone for a moment. Enjoy a glass of beer.

smart ads 5

FedEx will deliver your package in no time.

smart ads 6

If you’re tight on money, always go for the cheaper option.

smart ads 7

When it comes to Lego blocks, imagination means everything.

smart ads 8

A Facebook like won’t help anyone.

smart ads 9

Glasses make all the difference.

smart ads 10

You can never go wrong with Volkswagen’s park assist.

smart ads 11

Colgate’s dental floss really does the trick.

smart ads 12

No wonder they say that a dog is a man’s best friend.

smart ads 13

Everybody could use a Band-Aid from time to time.

smart ads 14

Drive safely.

smart ads 15

Simplicity is sometimes the best strategy when you’re making an ad.

smart ads 16

Even The Flash can’t resist the urge to drive this BMW.

smart ads 17

This poster was created for the Anti-Racism Festival in 2010.

smart ads 18

What a genius way to reach a niche market.

smart ads 19

Sushi will literally start tasting like garbage if we don’t start taking better care of our oceans.

smart ads 20

The iPod Shuffle was designed to be the perfect jogging partner.