20,000 small business are gearing up for Small Business Saturday in the UK

The program has had a 46 percent increase from last year.

20,000 small business are gearing up for Small Business Saturday in the UK

A number of small businesses are gearing up for themselves to enter the Small Business Saturday, a program that allows small businesses to have their own version of Black Friday, and this year; the holiday falls on the 3rd of December. One of the people with a small business, Julie Tatchell, was part of the people who went for a bus tour to Bournemouth where they were showcasing her trade.

The Small Business Saturday is now going into its fourth year, and the organisers say they are encouraged, and they said the program is now gaining some momentum. Based on their research, there was a rise in consumer spending with small businesses in 2015 by 24 percent compared to the previous year.

46 per cent of people said that they had bought items from the small businesses, and especially it was because it was Small Business Saturday. The director of the campaign, Michelle Ovens said that the program was an exercise to boost small businesses growth and was a marketing exercise for them in the run-up to Christmas. Ovens said that the exercise was there to guide people towards how they could spend their money.

Tatchell said that the exercise went a long way to giving their businesses some advertisement since not all of them could afford some expensive advertising campaigns. She said that the platform would be great and would be used as an excellent opportunity. The Small Business Saturday program aims to help boost the trade for independents. Ovens said that almost 80 percent of the local authorities were already supporting the campaign and at least many of them had started offering free parking to the businesses on the day of the program.

In the UK, the weekend of 3-4th is expected to be the busiest for the handmade markets which are across the UK, and the Small Business Saturday program will be the place to be for that weekend. Kirsty Hillyer works at Frilly Industries and has been involved in the Small Business Saturday program through the local authorities.

She has managed to organise a maker’s market in her town, in Birmingham. She said that most of the people were now averting the big corporations and relying on the small businesses and independents. Large enterprises were being shunned because of their tax evasion methods, and people have now decided rather promote their local individuals businesses. She said that there was a shift in the value of handmade products and the support they were receiving from their locals.

The Small Business Saturday program is also expected to have some local barbers present at the fair and will also have some wreath making workshops, on top of the handmade goods that will be featured.

However, the Small Business Saturday is not for buying and selling but rather it is also another opportunity that businesses could learn from each other.