As Trump Enters Office, Chinese State Media Warns of “Fires being lit” and “Dramatic Changes”

China Was a Favorite Target of Donald Trump During the Campaign


Donald Trump is definitely not the president of the world, like it was the case with Barack Obama, who believed firmly in open borders and globalism.

America First contrasts vividly with “hope and change”, Obama’s trade-mark slogan which means absolutely nothing but it sounds pretty good if you’re not thinking it over thoroughly.

The thing is that hope means nothing as long as you don’t define what type of change you wish to enforce upon a nation, as not all change is good by default. However, America First is a totally different story, as Trump’s inaugural speech made some cheer and yet it alarmed political leaders all over the world.

The Chinese state media has reacted anxiously after hearing Trump’s code-words for China, such as foreign industries getting rich at the expense of American jobs. One of the Communist party’s mouthpieces warned of dramatic changes and fires being ignited by the new US President and his administration.

Truth be told, Donald Trump referred repeatedly at China as being currency manipulators, mentioning a possible trade war via tariffs being imposed for Chinese products during his campaign and many Chinese international experts warned about Beijing’s future troubles with Washington’s new administration with regard to trade issues and diplomatic relations alike.

A trade war between China and the US seems inevitable. Beijing should make some worst-case scenario planning, even though the development may not be as bad as we have expected.


said Pang Zhongying, a Chinese foreign-relations expert.

China’s foreign ministry spokeswoman said about Trump’s inauguration speech that US-China ties have had their fair share of trouble in the past but the bilateral economic relations worked pretty good after all, despite the inherent frictions and that should be the case for the near future.

But the Chinese state sanctioned mass media had a gloomier view:

Frictions between the US and its allies, and trade tensions between the US and China seem inevitable within the four years ahead. The Trump administration will be igniting many ‘fires’ on its front door and around the world. Let’s wait and see when it will be China’s turn.



Source:  Global TimesSouth China Morning Post

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