Donald Trump: The Richest US President in History


Donald Trump took oath as the 45th president of the United States on Friday.

He is now the richest president in the U.S. history. The billionaire net worth is around $8.7 billion, according to a report published in Business Insider.

Trump Tower

However, a Forbes report claimed that the real estate tycoon’s net worth is nearly $3.7 billion.

Trump refused to publicize his tax returns so his accurate financial situation is unclear.

Trump is more than twice as rich as George Washington, the first president of the U.S. Washington estimated net worth would be around $525 million in today’s dollars.

Trump private jet / Credit: Ivan Cholakov / Shutterstock

Trump Organization

President Trump is president and chairman of the Trump Organization, which owns luxurious resorts, residential towers, real estates and golf courses.

The organization is owner of the Trump Tower in New York, the Trump World Tower in Manhattan, the gold-plated Trump Hotel Las Vegas, and a Palm Beach estate in Florida in the U.S. The Trump Organization also owns 16 golf courses around the world including Trump Turnberry in Scotland.

President Trump father was a wealthy real estate developer. He gave his son control of his real estate and construction firm in 1971.

Source: Business Insider