FIAT CHRYSLER Accused by EPA of Emissions Cheating

Dieselgate 2.0


After the recent Volkswagen emissions scandal dubbed Dieselgate by the media, an almost extinction-level event for the German car manufacturer, the EPA now accuses Fiat Chrysler of “more of the same”, i.e. of cheating on emission tests.

The Environmental Protection Agency claims that Fiat Chrysler is using (just like VAG) specially designed software that permits some of the company’s diesel trucks to pass the emissions tests by cheating, obviously. Winners never cheat and cheaters never win, right?

One may wonder why is Fiat Chrysler walking into VAG’s footsteps, after the German company suffered massive financial loss in the aftermath of the Dieselgate scandal, not to mention fines and the whole nine yards?

Well, Fiat Chrysler is denying EPA’s accusations, saying that its software meets and exceeds regulatory requirements, so everything is fine and the US government is over-reacting, nothing to see here, move along.

The vehicles in question are the Dodge RAM 1500 pickup trucks, the ones built between 2014 and 2016 respectively and the iconic Jeep Grand Cherokee, the model featuring the 3.0 diesel engines.

EPA’s allegations, if proved to be legitimate, would affect 104,000 vehicles, which is significantly less that VAG’s Dieselgate which affected millions.

EPA officials via Janet McCabe, the head of Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Air and Radiation told owners of affected vehicles that there’s no immediate action necessary from their part, assuring them that they can continue to drive their cars, which are still legal and safe and all that jazz.

Fiat Chrysler is accused by the EPA officials of using a so called defeat device, a piece of software which allows vehicles to run in a “limp mode” when tested for emissions, thus emitting less nitrogen oxide, while in normal operation/real life mode, the defeat-device goes off, with the vehicle ending up spewing more nitrogen oxide than is currently allowed by the Clean Air act.

This is the exact same story of Dieselgate reloaded, just the company’s name is different, i.e. VAG operated in the same manner, denying initially that there’s something wrong with their cars, then accepting their fate, paying the fines, watching their stock tumble etc.

As I already told you, Fiat Chrysler denied vehemently EPA’s accusations in an official statement on Thursday, saying that every car manufacturer is forced to use various strategies for reducing tailpipe emissions, without compromising the performance/durability of the engine, adding that its emission control software system is in compliance with EPA standards.

Fiat Chrysler’s stock dropped 16% after the news broke and US listed shares were halted.

Source: Yahoo News