GREAT AGAIN: AMAZON to Create 100,000 Jobs in USA

Are you Tired of So Much Winning Just Yet?

amazon INC released a statement on Thursday announcing the creation of more than 100,000 new US jobs, full time-full benefit in the next year and a half.

Amazon is growing exponentially, having a work force of almost 320,000 as per Q3 of 2016, some of them part time jobs, not to mention the company’s droid work force, which is also surging.

Just to take you on a short detour, Jeff Bezos’s Amazon currently “employs” about 45,000 robots, which marks a 50% increase over 2015. The droid army is working alongside the company’s 320,000 humans in perfect harmony.

And as per today’s announcement, it looks like Jeff Bezos, which can be described as Donald Trump’s Nemesis is trying to please President Elect just a week before his official inauguration. It’s a known fact by all CEOs that The Donald is always insisting on creating US jobs.

Truth be told, considering Amazon’s jobs expansion for the last couple of years, it is very likely that these jobs would have been created anyway, with or without Trump in the White House. However, it’s a positive piece of news for the economy by all metrics, as it brings new job opportunities for lots of people all across America.

The new 100k jobs will address both blue and white collar workers, as they will suit all kinds of education, experience and skill levels, from software developers and engineers to entry level positions.

In a move which looks designed to appease Trump’s soft spot, i.e. US Military spouses and veterans, Amazon added that it already employed more than 10,000 vets. In 2016, the company pledged to train/hire an additional 25,000 veterans and US military spouses over the next five years. Also, Amazon is committed to training more than 10,000 veterans, active duty service members and military spouses in cloud computing technology via their AWS Educate program.

The new jobs will be available in the company’s new fulfillment centers in California, Texas and New Jersey, among others, while Amazon Flex and Marketplace will continue to create hundreds of thousands of jobs/opportunities for people across the United States.

Source: Businesswire