Great Again: Ford to Announce Investment in 3 Michigan Plants

According to sources familiar with Ford’s plans, the automaker will soon announce big investments in 3 of its Michigan manufacturing facilities on Tuesday.

The plants that are set to receive investments by the Dearborn based automaker are the Flat Rock Assembly Plant, the Assembly Plant in Wayne and the Romeo Engine Plant in Michigan.

The sources agreed to speak with Detroit News under the condition of anonymity as they’re not authorized to release this kind of information. The same sources did not divulge the amount of dollars to be invested nor the number of jobs which are to be created, but they characterized the respective investments as significant.

One of the 2015 Ford-United Auto Workers contract was a promise from the automaker to invest seven hundred million dollars at the Michigan Assembly Plant.

Ford’s announcement from Tuesday arrives less than 2 weeks after President Trump pressed big auto execs to create more jobs in the United States and to build more manufacturing plants during his stop in Ypsilanti Township. Donald Trump hinted recently that US’ auto industry will make a big announcement, but it’s not clear if Ford’s announcement from Tuesday has anything to do with the news teased by the President.

Ford is likely to receive state incentives during its meeting on Tuesday’s Michigan Strategic Fund, with the automaker planning to invest nine billion dollars in United States facilities through 2019, which will result in approximately 8500 new jobs.

Aside from the $700 million investment at Michigan Assembly for building new cars, i.e. the all new Bronco and the Ford Ranger pickup truck, the contract announces a $400 million investment at Flat Rock for Lincoln Continental and Ford Mustang production and a $150 million investment at the Romeo Engine factory for engine updates.

Just three months ago Ford announced that it cancelled its plans for building a new $1,6 billion facility in Mexico for their new Ford Focus. During a speech to autoworkers, President Trump said:

“We want to be the car capital of the world again. We will be, and it won’t be long, believe me. … We’re going to have a very big announcement next week having to do with your industry. Very, very big. Very important.”

Several automakers announced big investments in the US over the past several months, including Fiat Chrysler, General Motors, Toyota, Hyundai and Kia.


Kevin Lamarque/Reuters