Great Again:GDP Speeds Up to 2.6%, Stock Market +19% Since Election

stock market

It looks like the US GDP in second quarter speeds up to 2.6 percent, which means that the United States economy grew at a 2.6 annual pace in Q2 of 2017. That makes for a rebound comparing to the soft pace observed at the start of 2017, with the main engine of the economy being (as usual) consumer spending, which led the way via a 2.8 percent increase.

Another interesting economical figure the mainstream media chooses not to talk about is the huge stock market rally since Donald Trump’s election. On Thursday, the  Stock Market recorded its 28th record high since Trump entered the White House, while the Market is up 19% since election. One in four days marks  a new record high, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average recording its all time high (as per 2017) on Thursday, closing at 21,796. Since the November 8th election, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has closed at record highs 45 times, while the market is up 10% since the inauguration and up 19% since the election.

Truth be told, I reckon those figures would be even higher if Congress had passed tax reform first, and after that tangled with healthcare legislation, i.e. repealing then replacing Obamacare. And the mainstream media is completely silent on the amazing things Donald Trump is doing with the US economy. One may argue that the market is colluding with the POTUS.