Happy 1st New Year in Office President Trump: Most Jobs in History, Highest GDP Ever, All Time Stock Market Highs!

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The year that almost passed was one of the most interesting in recent history, from all points of view, but especially news-wise, and that’s what we’re doing here. However, 2017 marked President Trump’s first year in office, and boy, did he accomplished a lot or what? Regardless what the corporate left-wing mainstream media is telling you, Donald Trump’s presence in the White House made a huge (as in positive) difference and 2017 was nothing short of historic.

It’s a fact that no US President ever did so much on such a short period of time, especially for the economy. There are more Americans working now than ever before, regardless of what you think or know about statistics. Also, the stock market broke all of its records in 2017 and it’s currently at historic highs. Moreover, the US GDP has never been higher, and all these happened in Trump’s first year in the White House, whether you like him or not. The DOW closed up almost 5,000 points for the year, marking its highest increase in its more than a century history. Since Trump won the Presidency in 2016, DOW is up 35% and it closed on Friday at 24,719 points.

Also, the S&P and NASDAQ set all time highs in 2017, while the US stock market gained more than five trillion dollars (that’s 5,000 billions) since the Donald became POTUS. In the first 11 months of his presidency, Trump saw 1,9 million jobs being created, January through November, and 2.2 million since election day. Just remember how Obama used to say at the end of his reign in the White House that US jobs were not coming back. By the way, during his first 11 months as POTUS, Barry Obama lost 4,800,000 jobs.

As per the  Bureau of Labor Statistics data,  now there are more Americans in the work force (160,000,000) than ever before. Also, as per the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the US GDP has reached 19,5 trillion dollars, which is highest in US history. Obama was the first POTUS since 1949 not to see at least a year with the GDP growing by more than 3%. Current estimates put Trump’s first year into office at at least 2.9%.

Happy New Year America!