iPhone 8 Fails to Impress as Fans are not Lining Up for Release as Usual

iphone 8 fails to impress

It looks like fans and fanboys alike are missing for Apple’s latest iPhone 8 release day. For example, the Apple store in Pasadena was attracting hundreds of Apple fans in the past with every new iPhone release in September. This Friday, there was something missing, i.e. the familiar line of eager and enthusiastic fans, of which some had spent their nights in improvised shelters in front of Apple stores.

It’s true that Apple Stores currently boast a ticketing system of sorts in order to prevent their fans from waiting in the early morning ours, yet that system never stopped fanboys from camping out overnight. All was quiet on the Colorado Boulevard front on Friday morning in front of the Apple Store, except for the employees handing out tickets.

And if you think this is embarrassing for America’s wealthiest tech company, we just got confirmation from China that the launching of the new iPhone 8 failed to impress Apple fans from Hangzhou too, as just 2 of them showed up and they can be seen waiting in line for the store to open on Friday morning. The thing is, the new iPhone 8 is nothing to write home about, except for little material/technological improvement compared to the last generation, yet it boasts a hefty price tag.

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It sure looks like a Clinton rally in 2016, isn’t it?

As you can see from Chinese media reports, the Apple store employees were preparing with metal barricades for the anticipated queue, yet they had to be removed because just two people showed up. With the iPhone 8 launching being an epic fail so far, the company has high expectations for their $1,000 apiece iPhone X. If fans will be equally enthusiastic, well, Apple may have a hot-apple pie problem on its hands.

And it’s not just China either.

iphone 8 crowds