Ivanka Trump Clothing Line Sees Record Sales

Ivanka Trump’s women fashion line is reporting record sales in the aftermath of the controversies regarding her father, President Donald Trump and all the calls from the progressive left for a boycott.

Actually, the boycott has backfired just 1 month after big names in the industry, i.e. brand retailers announced that they’ll no longer sell Ivanka Trump’s eponymous line of women clothing and accessories.

The Ivanka Trump collection had some of the best performing weeks in the history of the brand since the beginning of February, according to the company’s president Abigail Klem in an interview for Refinery 29.

For a number of brand retailers online, Ivanka Trump was among the top performers and in certain categories, it made for the best performance ever.

Lyst, which is an E-commerce aggregator  confirmed Abigail Klem’s claims, reporting that from January to February of 2017, the Ivanka Trump brand saw a huge 346% increase in sales figures. Also, the sales in February increased by 557%  compared to average monthly orders from the previous year.

Lyst ranked Ivanka Trump’s brand as number 11th in sales in February 2017, which marks a huge progress from January’s 550th position.

Such an extreme spike in just one month proves once again that voting with your dollars really works. Ivanka Trump’s brand has never ranked this high on Lyst and according to the company’s PR director, such a situation is unheard of, coming as a big surprise for all the parties involved.

The surge in sales comes after a call for boycotting Ivanka Trump’s brand via the Grab Your Wallet campaign, which is highly critical of Donald Trump’s presidency. Shoppers were asked to boycott all Donald Trump or Ivanka Trump branded products, with Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom announcing earlier in February that they will no longer carry First Daughter’s clothing/jewelry line due to (guess what) poor sales figures.

They were proven wrong. Again. Sad.

Source: The Hill

Photo: Getty