Jobs Go Boom in President Trump’s First Month in Office

Making America Great Again seems to become the order of the day with Donald Trump in the White House. The new jobs figures for February are already beating the  most optimistic estimates by more than 100 thousand, showing an employment boom in the United States, where private sector companies added almost 300,000 new jobs last month.

The actual number is 298,000 but the official employment numbers will be out on Friday, hence we can play a little bit with the figure from ADP. According to President Trump’s recent tweets, January and February marked the strongest consecutive months since 2015’s August and September, and they’re expected to drop the unemployment rate in the US to 4.7%.

ADP is a global human resources/payroll company and its recent report is aimed at providing hard economic numbers for Donald Trump’s first month as POTUS. And things are looking unexpectedly good by any metrics, with The Donald himself sending a self congratulatory tweet which said about the job figure to be “much more than expected”. So true!

From the 298,000 new jobs added to United States’ private sector, 106,000 are in the goods producing industry, while the construction industry added 66,000 new jobs. Add to that the manufacturing sector with 32,000 jobs and you’ll see why the President is smiling.

Donald Trump vowed to dramatically increase the United States employment numbers in the manufacturing sectors and he’s currently working hard trying to lure US and foreign businesses from oversees while halting jobs from leaving the country.

President Trump also promised massive investments in the country’s crumbling infrastructure, over one trillion dollars in infrastructure spending, which will also add many jobs.

Confidence in Donald Trump’s policies plays a big role in this issue, with businesses anticipating less regulation and lower taxes from the new administration, hence they’re hiring more aggressively.

Photo: AP

Source: Daily Mail