Meanwhile on Jeff Bezos’ Plantation: Amazon Wristband Tracks All Worker Movements

Meanwhile on Jeff Bezos' Plantation: Amazon Wristband Tracks All Worker Movements

We just got word that one of America’s biggest companies went full Orwellian, as Amazon patented a wrist band aimed at tracking all warehouse-workers’ movements. The wrist band is more like a bracelet of sorts, which will further increase Amazon’s obsessive surveillance of the work environment.

The patented bracelet can track precisely every movement of a warehouse employee, including where they place their hands. Using a vibration, the bracelet can nudge an employee in a different direction. The concept is aimed at streamlining the fulfillment of orders, i.e. to make the worker-bee at Amazon even more productive, by adding an extra layer of surveillance.

The high tech bracelet will stimulate the Amazon worker via a haptic feedback system; when an Amazon product is ordered, the bracelet will vibrate and the Amazon employee will have to rush to fulfill the respective order in the minimum amount of time, i.e. retrieve the product from the warehouse’s shelves, pack it real quick in a delivery box and then move on to the next job. The electronic bracelet will use ultrasonic tracking in order to identify with pinpoint accuracy the location of an employee’s hands as they work to retrieve items.

The end-gamet of the  proposed wristband is that humans will be able to fulfill even more orders, productivity will soar and so forth and so on, at least until robots will evolve enough to replace the imperfect human beings currently toiling in Amazon’s warehouses. The future’s bright.

Just to get an impression about how harsh the work environment at Amazon is, a  a BBC investigation discovered 2 years ago that Amazon agency workers making deliveries reported speeding, defecating in bags and falling asleep at the wheel, as they were desperately trying to meet Amazon’s ambitious delivery targets issued via a custom-made logistics app.