Starbucks Brand Takes Hit After Refugee Hiring Plan

After Starbucks’s CEO Howard Schulz announced his “stand” in defiance of President Trump’s travel ban via executive order (that happened last month), his company’s brand perception took a massive hit.

Howard Schulz wrote an open letter to the “world” saying that, among other things, he wishes for building bridges, not walls and vowed to hire ten thousand refugees over the next five years.

His message was politically charged to the saturation as the CEO expressed his deep concern and heavy heart over President’s Trump executive order aimed at halting the US refugee admission program, together with enforcing a temporary travel ban on 7 countries in the Middle East.

Unfortunately for the bleeding heart liberal and CEO, the reality is that even if adult Americans really enjoy a good cup of coffee, approximately 50% of the same adults are strongly against his leftist propaganda about open borders and multiculturalism.

According to an article courtesy of Yahoo Finance, Howard Schulz’s loose lips criticizing President Trump’s executive actions sent Starbucks’s brand perception into what can be best described as a downward spiral starting from January 29th.

More precisely, Starbucks’s consumer perception levels fell by 66% since January 29th as per YouGov BrandIndex. Obviously, this is not the first time in history when Starbucks alienated its customers by publicly  pursuing a controversial political agenda. The same thing happened in 2015 when Starbucks was forced to abandon a campaign (Race Together) intended to improve race relations in America.

After just two weeks, Race Together was dropped altogether, as it only managed to piss off the company’s customers who apparently weren’t very much into social justice, just to grab an overpriced cup of coffee and go on with  their business.

Moreover, it definitely seems that America’s leftist billionaires will never learn that no matter how much money they make, they won’t be able to spoon-feed their political opinions on red-pilled Americans who can see through propaganda. Just ask Hillary’s donors.