Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries in the World

If you think that your country is corrupt, you will definitively feel better after you see this list

Corruption undoubtedly represents one of the major global problems today. According to Transparency International 68% of countries worldwide have a major corruption problem, while half of them are G20 members.

There is little surprise that 5 out of 10 most corrupt countries in the world are also ranked among the least peaceful places in the world. Corruption is closely linked with war and conflict, but it is far from limited to war-torn countries.

Here is the list of the world’s most corrupt countries in 2015.

10. Guinea Bissau

This country in West Africa is often referred to as one of Africa’s forgotten states. It’s population is less than 2 million, and its life expectancy just above 50 years. The country is a hub for smuggling cocaine from Latin America to Europe.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), described Guinea Bissau as the world’s only example of a narco-state.

9. Venezuela

Venezuela has been experiencing major economical problems during the last few years. According to a congressional commission in Venezuela, $70 billion has been siphoned off from public institutions. Corruption is widespread and there is almost no transparency.

8. Iraq

You probably won’t be surprised to see Iraq on this list. The country has been at war for almost 13 years. Even one of Iraq’s anti-corruption leaders said:

Everybody is corrupt, from the top of society to the bottom. Everyone. Including me.

7. Libya

Since the overthrow of Gaddafi in a bloody civil war five years ago, Libya has descended into chaos. The country has several rival governments vying for power. Once one of the African countries with a highest Human Development Index, Libya is now one of the most corrupt nations in the world.

6. Angola

According to Business Anti-Corruption report, corruption in Angola remains widespread, due to the “lack of checks and balances, insufficient institutional capacity and a culture of impunity.”

5. South Sudan

The country acquired independence from Sudan in 2011. South Sudan has been plagued by a civil war between the opposition and government forces ever since.

US Debt of State Sentry’s Report on Corruption in South Sudan claims that:

The track record of corruption in South Sudan is extensive – including abuse of preferential access to foreign currency, theft of state assets, and corruption in contracting and procurement.

4. Sudan

Consistently ranked among world’s most corrupt countries, Sudan represents one of “the most challenging business environments in the world.”

The country is rich in natural resources, and there has been an increase in economic growth, as well as opportunities for corruption.

3. Afghanistan

The fact that Afghanistan is ranked so high in this list probably needs little explaining. 15 years of warfare and daily terrorist attacks have turned Afghanistan into one of the least peaceful countries in the world. The prevailing climate of insecurity is a perfect breeding ground for corruption.

2. North Korea

Being one of the most closed countries in the world, North Korea is also one of the most corrupt. Bribery is omnipresent and there’s almost no transparency.

1. Somalia

The champion of corruption, Somalia, remains one of the most war-ravaged countries in the world. Because the general climate of insecurity, an ongoing civil war, the presence of various rebel groups and pirates, the absence of a central government, as well as raging poverty, Somalia is the world’s most corrupt country.

Source: Transparency International