Trump Economy Doing Great yet “Nobody Will Talk About It” (VIDEO)

trump economy

Even if the US economy is doing pretty good 4 months into Donald Trump’s presidency, the fake-news mainstream media is obsessed with bashing the POTUS using self-created scandals and non-stories about those darn’ Ruskies stealing the election from Hillary and all that libtard palaver.

Last night, FOX Business News anchor Charles Payne discussed economic issues with Liz Peek and noticed the excellent economic numbers. However, the left-wing corporate mainstream media refuses to report on good news:


From wages to housing, to investment and corporate profits, great things are happening to the United States economy, yet nobody talks about positive news anymore. The agenda set by DEMs and their lapdog mainstream media/deep state operatives is aimed at bashing President Trump at any costs.

Jobs all over the US are seeing a resurgence, including the industries stifled during Barry’s presidency due to investors confidence in President Trump’s policies.

Steel, mining and oil are all on the up and up and according to Atlanta FED, the GDP growth for the second quarter of 2017 is expected to hit 4% for the first time in years.

United States construction  industry is at ten years high, manufacturing optimism hits 20 years record high, manufacturing itself is at its most robust since the Reagan era, the DOW hit record highs (over 21,000), consumer confidence is at a sixteen year high (124,9) and so on and so forth.

However, none of these good economic news will be touched by the fake news liberal (as in left wing) mainstream media.

There’s a flip-side to that coin though: With our strong economy, companies such as the following struggle to survive due to a lack of sales: CNN,NY Times,Washington Post to name just a few.