Wimbledon Wins as the Most Popular Sporting Event in the UK in 2016

Wimbledon Wins as the Most Popular Sporting Event in the UK in 2016

The 2016 edition of the Wimbledon tennis championship was the most attended live sporting event in the UK for the year 2016. According to a report published by the sports business group, an arm of Deloitte, this year’s edition of the tennis championship beat the 2015 version by a large margin, with about 494,000 who attended the event helping it to top the charts.

Dan Jones, one of the partners of the Deloitte’s sports business group, says that the figures indicate a growing appetite for live sporting events among individuals in the UK.

When seen within the context of other well-attended events, the Wimbledon Open is said to have contributed a significant percentage to the revenue collected during the major events for this year.

In total, the report notes that 70 million persons attended the all the sporting events in the UK for the year 2016. However, this figure is slightly lower than the 70.5 million that was reported for the previous year (2015). However, the slightly high number of attendees for 2015 is attributed to the Rugby World Cup, 2015 edition that was held in the UK.

Multi-Day Affairs

Speaking at the launch of the report, Alan Switzer, another partner at Deloitte, said that many of the events that made it to the top list are multi-day events. The Wimbledon tennis championship is a long sporting event that takes 2 weeks.

Another event that made it to the list is the Cheltenham Festival horse racing. This event, which takes 4 days, was attended by a total of 261,000 individuals. The F1 British Grand Prix was the second most-attended sporting event in Britain for the year 2016. The 3-days event attracted 327,000 spectators.

Interestingly, the ATP world tennis finals and the Open golf championships, events which both take 8 days, attracted varying numbers of spectators. The Open golf championship was attended by 173,000 individuals while the APT world tennis finals had 252,000 fans, far more than what the Open golf championship had.

Other events that had record attendance include the Epsom Derby horse racing, the Moto GP Silverstone and the Badminton Horse Trials. The Badminton Horse Trials had 160,000 attendees for the 5 days that it was held.

It remains to be seen how the next year (2017) is going to be, given that several major sporting events, including the UEFA Champions League final, have been lined up.