10 Celebrities Who Used to be Ugly

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and who am I to call anyone ugly? Well, thanks to Hollywood’s not-talked-about, yet very present and apparent rule that beauty will get you far, we can say that these kids are pretty lucky that they blossomed later on in life.

They used to wear braces, have embarrassing hair cuts, cheesy smiles, some baby weight and host of other things that Hollywood doesn’t generally equate with being pretty, hence the term ‘ugly’ in the headline.

*Honorable mention: Kate Hudson

Now however, the stars are sticking it to us all with their beauty. Their hair is shiny, they have mega-watt smiles, their bodies (and eyebrows) are on fleek and we seriously can’t stop gaping at them. Here are ten celebrities who used to be ugly.

Hopefully the Gods will take mercy on me for calling these precious kids ugly. This article is in no way meant to hurt anyone; everyone is different and should be loved regardless of how they look.