10 Strangest Hotels You Have Ever Seen

Whether it’s weird architecture or an unusual location, these are some of the strangest hotels on the planet

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Location: Finland

This hotel is located just north of the Arctic circle and is completely isolated from the rest of the world. Staying in an snow igloo is definitively a magical experience. If you are lucky, you can also see the famous Northern Lights.



Location: Sweden

Sweden is a champion of ecotourism and the Treehotel, deep in the clean, untouched Swedish woods is a perfect example of green architecture. The hotel has seven unique rooms, and each of them is suspended above the ground. The rooms include the ‘Bird’s Nest’, ‘UFO’ and ‘The Mirrorcube’.

The 'Mirrocube', Treehouse Hotel, Sweden.
The ‘Mirrocube’, Treehouse Hotel, Sweden.

Poseidon Undersea Resort

Location: Fiji

Have you ever dreamed of staying under the sea? If you have, this hotel is the right place for you. The hotel is ideal for those who want to explore the ocean. Poseidon Mystery Island compromises of 225 acres and it is a mile long. You can just relax and watch the surrounding sea life – an amazing experience in itself – or go and search the seas with one of hotel’s submersibles.


Capsulevalue Kanda

Location: Tokyo, Japan

This hotel is a strong expression of the practical, space-saving Japanese architecture. The concept of a capsule hotel is very popular in Japan. With capsules stacked side on side and on top of one another, the hotel is designed to maximize space.

Spending a night in one of the capsules is a truly unique experience.


The Hobbit Motel

Location: Waitomo, New Zealand

As I’m a Tolkien buff, the idea of staying in a true Hobbit hole is a dream come true. If you watched the Lord of the Rings more than a hundred times like I did, you share the enthusiasm. The hotel is inspired by the architecture of Hobbiton, the home of Tolkien’s literary hero Frodo Baggins.


Hang Nga Guesthouse

Location: Da Lat, Vietnam

This unique hotel is better known by the name of ‘Crazy House’. The building is inspired by the architectural design of the famous Antonio Gaudi. The hotel is build to resemble a giant tree, with each room displaying a separate animal theme.


Caveresort Hotel

Location: Hurghada, Egypt

Located 10 km north of Hurghada, Egypt’s famous sea resort on the coast of the Red Sea, the Caveresort Hotel is build in Stone-Rock-Mountain Style. All the rooms are designed in cave style, and made in wood and rock.

The hotel’s unique architecture will make for a memorable stay.


Palacio de Sal

Location: Uyuni, Bolivia

The name ‘Palacio de Sal’ stands for ‘Salt Palace’ in Spanish. The hotel is build on the salt planes of Uyuni, Bolivia, and is completely made of salt, which includes most of the furniture. There are only sixteen rooms, but each room has a private bathroom and central heating.


Magic Mountain

Location: Hulio Reserve, Chile

A gnarled, wooden cone with a waterfall cascading from its pinnacle, The Magic Mountain Hotel in Chile resembles something you usually see only in fairytales. The pristine woods surrounding the hotel are adding to its magic.


Hotel Marqués De Riscal

Location: Elciego, Spain

The Marqués de Riscal Hotel is the work of the architect Frank Gehry. What makes it unique is a roof made of titanium ribbons which stand out from the surrounding vineyard. The hotel is located in picturesque region of Spain, and it is perfect for a relaxing holiday.