20 Celebrities Who Lost An Enormous Amount of Weight

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For some, it’s incredibly hard to lose a considerable amount of weight, while others can effortlessly find the motivation to transform themselves in a matter of months. If one of your primary goals is to look slim, but don’t seem to have the proper motivation to do anything about it, maybe taking a look at these 20 celebs who lost an enormous amount of weight will help you.

Wendy Williams

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Over the last few years, Wendy has been constantly getting slimmer. In late 2015, she confirmed that she managed to lose 50 pounds by avoiding junk food and going to the gym every day.

Zach Galifianakis

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After deciding it was time to slim down, Zach managed to shed 60 pounds. He did this by giving up alcohol and starting to exercise more.

Kirstie Alley

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During the early 1990s, Kirsite weighed 228 pounds. However, since then, she dropped 50 pounds.

Christian Bale

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Christian had 190 pounds when he starred in Reign of Fire, back in 2002. However, just two years later, he dropped 70 pounds for his role in the movie The Machinist.

Mariah Carey

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After marrying Nick Cannon and giving birth to twins, Mariah put on a significant amount of weight. Nevertheless, she managed to get her sexy figure back by losing 45 pounds in a matter of months!

50 Cent

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50 Cent is another celebrity who lost a lot of weight for a movie part. While prepping for his role in the film Things Fall Apart, the famous rapper and actor went from 214 to 160 pounds in just nine weeks.

Jennifer Hudson

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Jennifer used to be known for always being chubby. However, after her brother, mother, and nephew got killed in a shooting back in 2008, she disappeared from the spotlight for a few months, only to come back with a whole new perspective on life. She became a spokesperson for Weight Watchers in 2010, and managed to lose 80 pounds during the next four years.

John Goodman

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John noted that the main reason why he decided to lose weight was because he grew tired of the ‘large guy’ stereotype in the movie industry. His decision helped him shed more than 100 pounds.

Star Jones

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Jones was actually diagnosed morbidly obese several years ago, after her weight went over 300 pounds. This was when Star decided it was time to change. Over the next three years, she lost more than 160 pounds.

Jerry Ferrara

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Jerry is best known for his role as Turtle in the HBO show Entourage. Throughout the whole series, Jerry was chubby. However, when the cast got together to film the Entourage movie a few years later, he showed up to the set 50 pounds lighter.

Janet Jackson

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Although it’s uncertain how much weight she actually lost, it’s safe to say that it was a lot, judging by the difference in her figure shown in the photos from 2007 and now.

Chris Pratt

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After a slow start to his career, Chris has now managed to become one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. When he auditioned for the role of Scott Hatteberg in the movie Moneyball, he was told that he was too big. Determined to get the part, Chris quickly managed to lose 30 pounds, and sent a photo of himself to the casting directed. Upon seeing the photo, the casting director immediately gave him the role.

Khloe Kardashian

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Thanks to working out five days a week and drinking a lot of water, Khloe managed to lose a considerable amount of weight.

Alec Baldwin

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Alec decided to do something about his weight after he found out that he was pre-diabetic, during a routine checkup in 2011. He immediately stopped consuming junk food, and started exercising. Alec quickly managed to shed 40 pounds.

Christina Aguilera

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After two pregnancies, Christina is no stranger to the ups and downs of weight. After giving birth to her daughter Summer, Christina decided it was time to lose some weight. She managed to shed 50 pounds just by limiting alcohol and replacing unhealthy foods with lean protein.

Paul Wall

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The famous rapper once weighed 320 pounds! Nevertheless, he decided it was time to lose all that excess weight after seeing that number on the scale. Within a few years, Paul Wall dropped 130 pounds.

Jessica Simpson

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After giving birth to her first child, Jessica lost 50 pounds, and became a spokesperson for Weight Watchers.

Drew Carey

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Drew became worried about his health after undergoing heart surgery and being diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. In order to lose weight, he stopped eating junk food and started going to the gym six days a week. Thanks to his workout routine and healthy eating habits, he dropped 80 pounds.

Jordin Sparks

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Jordin was always confident in her looks. However, she decided it was time to lose some weight in 2013. Within only two years, she managed to shed 50 pounds, thanks to eating healthy and exercising 5 days a week.

Graham Elliot

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Graham weighed around 400 pounds just three years ago. After deciding it was time to do something about his weight, he lost 150 pounds within a year.