20 of the Most Dangerous Challenges on the Internet

The internet and social media have become more important than ever and will probably continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Young adults and kids have found ways to enjoy themselves and share their successes by creating challenges and while there are fun ones like the Mannequin Challenge, the You Name It Challenge and the Bean Boozled Challenge, there are those that should never be attempted by any living being.

Some of these challenges have put people in the hospital and some of them have even caused death. And if the names aren’t enough to warn you away, then the descriptions should be. But alas, some members of the human race choose to ignore the warnings and do it anyway.

Here is a list of the most dangerous viral challenges to ever hit the internet.


Honorable mention: The Corn Drill Challenge. Corn is placed on a drill while the person holding the drill attempts to eat he corn while the drill oscillates. If you aren’t able to tell by the picture, the guy on the left broke his teeth and is bleeding profusely from his mouth. The girl on the left forgot to tie her hair back and a huge patch of her hair was taken off by the drill.