5 Celebs Who Have Been Caught Lying Blatantly

Let’s face it- we all lie. Whether it’s a little white or a full blown travesty , we have all done it at some point. When lies are exposed and the truth comes out, it can be a bitter affair for all parties involved. For us ordinary people, the issue may eventually be resolved but what about those whose lives are always in the spotlight? Celebrities are a good example of this and every aspect of their lives, good and bad are usually caught on camera and paper. Here’s a list of celebrities who have been caught in blatant lies.


1. Lance Armstrong

The former cyclist who won the Tour de France seven consecutive times is at the top of our list. In 2012, an investigation conducted by a United States Anti- Doping Agency, declared that Armstrong used performance enhancing drugs. This is the same man who years before had repeatedly declared his innocence every single time anyone accused him of doping. Heck, he even sued British newspaper Sunday Times for defamation when they published an article suggesting the very same thing! So not only did he blatantly lie, he milked it for all it was worth.


2. Britney Spears

Before the pop star became the sex symbol we all know and love, she actually had the perfect” good girl” image. She had frequently said “no sex before marriage” and lamented on this principle. In 2002, ex boyfriend Justin Timberlake shattered her pristine image by saying that they did have sex after all. Britney responded by saying “I didn’t think he was gonna go to Barbara Walters and sell me out.”

3. Bill Clinton

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” are the infamous words said by former United States President, Bill Clinton in January 1998. He is referring to former White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, who he was accused of having an affair with. A few months later, it was revealed that the very married president was indeed involved with the twenty two year old. Before this, he adamantly claimed innocence and even gave a moving speech about it. When he was exposed, he gave another statement with a whole different tone. After all, a dress worn by Lewinsky with the President’s semen all over it had been given to authorities. Clinton was honest after this, saying “Indeed, I did have a relationship with Lewinsky that was wrong. I misled the people including my wife and I deeply regret that.”

4. Robin Thicke

The famous “Blurred Lines” singer released the hit song back in March 2013. It became the number one song in at least twenty five countries worldwide. Initially, Thicke claimed that he wrote the entire song but later on admitted that Pharrel Williams wrote the song and he was “just lucky enough to be in the room” when it was written. It didn’t end there though. The family of the late singer, Marvin Gaye, filed a lawsuit claiming that Blurred Lines violated the copyright of Gaye’s song- “Got to give it up.” The family won the case and Gaye was posthumously given credit for the songwriting.

5.Tiger Woods

The famous golfer married Elin Nordegren in October 2004. Things quickly took a downturn a few years later when it was revealed that he had an affair with a manager in NYC. The stories began pouring with over one hundred women claiming to have had extramarital affairs with him. Woods and his wife eventually divorced and the athlete participated in a 45 day therapy program.