5 Female Celebs Who Got Their Groove Back

Five Sassy Sistas Who Shed Some Major Pounds

This is one example of when celebrities are just like us. Sometimes tragedies happens in their lives and their weight spirals out of control. Some weight gain may be due to genetics and others are because of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Some may even say that it’s unfair. That even when celebs are overweight or heading straight towards obesity that they have the money and resources to do something about it; whether it be by hiring a personal trainer or getting some cosmetic work done. But consider the fact that their weight gain is on every television screen and in every gossip magazine.

Honorary mention: Jennifer Hudson. Weight lost: 80 pounds

Most of these women have worked their butts off and they now look better than ever. Here are 5 female celebs who got their groove back by losing a ton of weight (not literally).