Did CNN Air Hard Core Porn for Half an Hour on Thanksgiving Night?

We may never know for sure but it’s funny as Hell nevertheless


It’s already common knowledge that CNN was among the most biased anti Trump TV networks out there, calling wrong basically everything from day one. Some people even dubbed CNN as Clinton News Network, but what happened on Thanksgiving night is nothing short of amazing.

I am sure that CNN broadcasting hardcore transgender porn last night, when most of the families across the United States were celebrating Thanksgiving was not a desperate and “out of the box” measure for preserving their viewership.

However, a Twitter user claimed  that CNN aired by mistake half an hour of hardcore pornography last night, due to an epic failure courtesy of RCN, a New Jersey based cable TV provider, which is responsible for broadcasting CNN’s programs down the East Coast.

Independent reports that some of RCN’s customers attempting to watch a brand new episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown were instead shocked to see half an hour of graphic pornography starring Riley Quinn, a transsexual  internet sensation.

Proving that he/she/whatever the nomenclature has a good sense of humor, Quinn went to Twitter and thanked CNN for the free air time. If it weren’t for the Twitter photo-evidence provided by an user going by the name of Solikearose, it might be pretty tempting to dismiss the story as practical joke or a prank. However, one may ask how on Earth nobody at RCN got wise for half an hour about the issue.

There are two possibilities at play here: first, nobody watches CNN except from a couple of folks who are already heavily sedated and do not give a damn’ about what’s on the tube or that was the work of a rogue employer. Or, both.

CNN got very lucky after all as the error was limited only to Boston residents, i.e. probably just a small number of subscribers were experiencing the “mistake”. An hour later after @Solikearose wrote on Twitter that, let me quote:

I can’t wait until [RCN] wakes up [tomorrow] & realizes that hardcore porn was broadcast on [CNN] instead of [Parts Unknown] tonight,

the channel was taken off the air on RCN. It’s not very clear just yet how come the unscheduled “performance” courtesy of Riley Quinn was allowed to stay on air for half an hour. It also remains to be seen if CNN is trying a paradigm shift, from focusing on “fake news”, which are basically any type of news colluding with their editorial-staff view of the world to, who knows, airing porn on prime time TV.

Come to think of it, pun intended, they may have received a little boost in their audience with this prank after all. Or it’s all a huge social experiment, as they’re trying to see how far can they go before we turn off our TV sets and go out and play? Who knows?

According to a very recent statement by RCN’s SVP Jeff Carlson, the company claims that the “incident” appears to have never happened. Let me quote:

“We are in the process of researching this incident but see no evidence our CNN network feed was compromised last evening in Boston,”

UPDATE: Despite CNN’s own recognition of foul play:

“The RCN cable operator in Boston aired inappropriate content for 30 minutes on CNN last night. CNN has asked for an explanation.”

This was proven to be a fake news story after all, yet the editorial staff at CNN acknowledged it earlier as genuine, proving once again their highest standards with regard to journalism. Not.