“A gun? Really? What an idiot” – Brooklyn Beckham faces huge backlash for posing with a gun!

Brooklyn Beckham is no stranger to media controversy these days.

His relationship status is constantly being questioned, and his tattoos seem to be ridiculed by the public, too. But today he faces the biggest backlash yet…

The 18-year-old son of David and Victoria Beckham took a series of pictures with photographer Damon Baker, some of which involved him posing with a gun and pointing it at the camera. Obviously a bad move!

Damon Baker and Brooklyn Beckham both shared the images on Instagram, and were instantly met with angry and disappointed messages…

“A gun? Really? What an idiot,” wrote one user.

“Yeah nice example to set with the gun, champ. Not. Have a word @davidbeckham,” wrote another.

“Dude! Ur not a gangsta from the hood doing drive bys! No need for the guns, or popularising gun violence,” another user angrily shared.

His Instagram profile picture was of him holding a gun, but it’s now (rather wisely) been removed.

“Glad to see you have taken that silly profile picture off of you with a gun,” an Instagram user commented.

“Not sure what you were thinking Brooklyn, but I suggest you make better decisions in the future. Do not promote guns as art.”

We wonder if he will get a stern talking to from his parents…