Actress Uma Thurman Wins Primary Custody of Four-Year-Old Daughter

uma thurman

The Pulp Fiction star has been in a custody battle with her ex-fiancé Arpad Busson for some time now. However, today she finally signed an agreement that ensured she gets primary custody of her four-year-old daughter Luna. Thurman was extremely happy when she found out she won primary custody. “It’s a wonderful thing to have closure,” said the actress outside the Manhattan Supreme Court.

Prior to giving Thurman primary custody, the judge encouraged Uma to overcome her strained relationship with Arpad for the sake of Luna. “At this point, Luna has all the advantages in life. She has two parents who love her, two parents who amply provide for her. The only thing that’s lacking — and I hope it’s forthcoming — is that her parents can reach some sort of place in life where they can put aside their rancor and their anger against one another and can join together — never loving each other or even liking each other — at least being able to cooperate,” said the judge.

Arpad Busson will get monthly visitations with their daughter. Arpad and Uma have been in an off and on again relationship from 2007 through 2014. A court-appointed psychologist has noted that their relationship was very hostile and that the two shouldn’t be in the same room together.