Adele Says That She May Be Done With Touring


Adele is making headlines again, but this time the news is very disappointing to her fans around the globe. During a concert in Auckland, New Zealand, the famous singer revealed that this may be the last tour she ever embarks on.

The singer told the audience at Mt Smart Stadium that she’s unsure if she’ll ever tour again and that “the only reason I’ve toured is you. I’m not sure touring is my bag. My greatest accomplishment in my career is this tour.” She further explained that she believes touring is something she’s not particularly good at. Adele also noted that applause always makes her feel uncomfortable.

This is the third concert tour that Adele has embarked on. It kicked off in February of last year and will conclude at Wembley Stadium, London in July. Despite the fact that she believes touring is not her strong suit, critics and fans around the world have praised her live shows.

Once completed, her concert tour will have a total of 122 shows. With so many live performances, it’s understandable that she may have become sick of performing and that she wants to get back to her life. Maybe the stress of constantly performing was what got her to make this statement. Let’s hope that fans will have at least one more opportunity to see her live after this tour is done.