Adidas defends controversial Kendall Jenner ad campaign that left fans “outraged”

It’s Pepsi all over again…

Perhaps Kendall Jenner should just stick to modelling on the runway, because she isn’t having much luck with ad campaigns.

The model’s ‘Original Is Never Finished’ ad campaign for adidas hasn’t gone down very well, as fans of the brand expected an athlete of some sort to front the campaign, as opposed to a model.

“How about an athlete representative?” one Twitter user wrote.

“How about someone who had to struggle with real challenges to do it their way? Bad choice @adidasoriginals I won’t buy anything from you until her contract is done. You can do way better than THIS.”

However, unlike Pepsi who knew it would be fighting a losing battle and withdrew the campaign immediately, adidas has defended its decision to cast Kendall Jenner…

“Original Is Never Finished celebrates a new group of creators, each who identify in their own way with the current generation,” a spokesperson for the brand told Insider.

“A longtime fan of the brand, Kendall embodies the spirit of adidas Originals as a creative force shaping the world today by challenging the status quo in her very own way.

“A classic icon, Kendall is a true Original and we welcome her to our family.”

So in other words, Kendall and the campaign are here to stay.

It hasn’t been a popular decision, as many fans have continued to voice their disapproval and even encourage others to “boycott” the brand…

“This is where I stop wearing Adidas,” one Twitter user wrote.

“#adidasOriginalsxAW literally just threw out everything adidas i owned after the @KendallJenner ad. Will never buy again,” another user added.

Ouch! Where do you guys stand?