Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez “See a Future Together”

jennifer lopez

Despite the fact that fans really wanted Lopez and Drake to be a thing, it looks like that won’t be happening. After rumors that Jennifer was dating the famous rapper started circulating, many people started to believe that the singer only had a thing for really younger men. However, after she revealed that she started dating Alex, people stopped making these claims.

Jennifer has been dating the retired baseball player for about two months, and according to several people close to them, it looks like they definitely see a future together. After spending numerous years dating different people, it seems that they have both found their match.

An insider close to Us Weekly revealed that Alex is simply a better fit, considering that he is also a Latino superstar and has kids. Jennifer and Rodriguez have known each other for a long time. They were casual acquaintances for several years before they decided to become a The Legend of Tarzan trailer

This January, Alex went backstage at one of Lopez’s Las Vegas shows in order to exchange numbers with her. This was perfect timing, considering that Lopez had just ended her fling with Drake.