Amber Rose’s Los Angeles house is invaded while she sleeps

Amber Rose’s house was broken into in the early hours of Wednesday morning while she slept… and the intruder apparently stayed there for over four hours!

The intruder broke into her San Fernando Valley home while everyone – including Amber Rose, her son, mother, assistant, and bodyguards – was sleeping in various other parts of the house.

According to various law enforcement sources, the man entered Amber’s home by breaking one of the kitchen windows and then going through the pantry to gain full access to the property.

Amber Rose was first made aware of the situation when she noticed that her kitchen window was broken, and then went through her CCTV footage to investigate what had happened.

She saw him breaking into the property and then leaving empty handed a few hours later.

Despite the late night break-in, police reports show that nothing was actually stolen, which, if we must say, is even weirder.

We’re just glad that nobody was hurt during the invasion!