Angelina Jolie has an exciting new beauty deal!

Looks like Angelina Jolie has something other than her divorce to occupy her time with now, as it’s just been announced that she is the brand new face of Guerlain!

Congratulations to both Angelina and the beauty brand for making this epic collaboration happen!

So here’s what we know so far:

Angelina will be the face of the French brand’s new perfume, Mon Guerlain. The perfume has reportedly been inspired by Angelina Jolie herself, which is pretty interesting…

“We create perfumes for the women we admire,” said Jacques Guerlain.

His influences for the Mon Guerlain scent were apparently the “notes of a woman” and “the choices, emotions and dreams that embody modern femininity.” Sounds like Angelina Jolie in a nutshell, if we’re honest. We can’t wait to smell it!

But perhaps the best thing about Angelina Jolie teaming up with Guerlain is the money… in the way that she is actually donating every single cent of her salary to charity.

We wouldn’t expect any different from the UN ambassador and philanthropist.

What a woman!