Antonio Banderas Gives Update on His Condition After Heart Attack

antonio banderas

During a press conference held in Madrid recently, Antonio Banderas decided to give an update on his health after suffering a heart attack back in January.

According to the Associated Press, the heart attack wasn’t that serious and the actor is doing fine now. “I suffered a heart attack on January 26, but it wasn’t serious and hasn’t caused any damage,” revealed Antonio.

In January it was revealed that the famous actor was admitted to a hospital after experiencing chest pain while he was exercising. However, he was released from the hospital that same day, after the doctors performed a check-up. Banderas noted that he wasn’t that worried about his health at the time of the heart attack because he thought it wasn’t anything serious.

He told the reporters in Madrid that the heart attack wasn’t nearly as dramatic as some news outlets have written it to be. Antonio also shared that during his brief hospitalization, he had to have three stents placed in his arteries in order to help blood flow through them.