Are Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom back together just in time for Valentine’s Day?

Did Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom rekindle their romance just in time for Valentine’s Day?

If we are to believe the reports currently doing the rounds, the answer is a big fat yes!

“They’re back on,” a source told British tabloid, The Sun.

“Katy wants to make things work this time around. She tried, but she couldn’t cut him off. She cares too much about him.

“This time, they’re keeping things low key – but they’re back together.”

We can’t say we are surprised by the news, as they were spotted getting cosy in the Maldives together just last month.

They’ve also been flirting with each other on good old social media, regularly liking each other’s posts. Aww – modern day romance!

We have been warned not to get too excited though, as apparently things are still quite casual…

“Katy and Orlando have never lost touch and it’s nothing serious,” a source told E! News.

“They keep in contact frequently and Orlando is understanding of her crazy schedule right now. It’s pretty casual between the two.”

One step at a time!

We’re glad to see these two (sort of) back together. What say you?