Ashley James, Spotted In Bikini In Dubai

Ashley James

Once again, Ashley James has been spotted in her bikini in Dubai before she finally heads back home.

Ashley James

Ashley James in Bikini in Dubai

Ashley James has appeared to be making the most out of her stay in Dubai before going back to the UK for the holidays on Thursday. She has flown to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the Global Gift Gala.

Ashley James has been seen enjoying the beach in Dubai in blue and white patterned bikini top and tie-dyed bottoms on her own. She has even taken a selfie with a stunning view in the backdrop while walking through the shore.

Ashley James

Furthermore, Ashley James has shared on her Instagram account a story showcasing the breathtaking view from her balcony at Dubai Marina with a caption that says, “Final morning in Dubai!”

Ashley James

On her first day in the beach, she has been spotted free of make-up, wearing bust-enhancing top and high-waisted bottoms.

Dealing with Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

Ashley James has always been vocal about being embattled with BDD, a condition characterized by obsession over the belief that one is severely flawed physically— warranting the intense desire to fix or hide the flaws. She has always been open about her struggles with BDD since her revelation in March, trying to accept herself just the way she is physically.

“When I was 15, me and my mom went for a consultation about a breast reduction just because I hated (my breasts),” she explained.

Her confession earlier this year follows her painful breakup with Matt Richardson. Since then, she has been committed to empowering women through social media, taking advantage of her massive following.

Ashley James

Taking on the recently held Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (VSFS), she has reminded everyone through her Instagram account that beauty is not all about being perfect but about being confident enough. With an unfiltered photo of herself in her bikini in front of a mirror paired With a lengthy caption, Ashley James has encouraged everyone to stop comparing themselves to VS models and to accept that everyone is uniquely made in his or her own way. For her, there is no need to feel insecure or disappointed about how one looks, believing that each and everyone has different standards as to what looks good and what does not.

Ashley James’ recent exposure in her bikini in Dubai demonstrate how she is embracing her physical appearance amid her condition.