Audrina Patridge to divorce husband after obtaining domestic violence restraining order

Hills alum Audrina Patridge has filed for divorce from husband Corey Bohan, days after obtaining a domestic violence restraining order against him.

Although Audrina and Corey have been in an on/off relationship since 2008, they have only been married for ten months. They have one-year-old daughter Kirra Max together.

According to court documents, Audrina feared for her safety and the safety of their daughter for a while, claiming that Corey “has become increasingly possessive, angry, agitated and jealous” of her when she is away from him, usually because of work commitments.

“His aggressive behaviour usually escalates whenever I am paying attention to work obligations, rather than to him,” the court documents state, according to E! News.

“When we are apart, he texts me obsessively, rattling my nerves and making it difficult for me to concentrate on my work commitments.

“His harassing behaviour has recently become so extreme that I physically separated from him a few weeks ago.”

“I am fearful of Bohan’s temper because he cannot control his swearing and personal attacks on me, even when in the presence of our young daughter.

“Furthermore, as set forth below, his aggressiveness last month became so extreme he became physically violent.”

A hearing has been scheduled for October, so we’ll keep you posted.