Back To The People: Trump Sets Florida Rally


President Donald Trump just confirmed his upcoming rally in Melbourne FL on Saturday, in a “back to basics” move of sorts.

Since Trump’s inauguration as POTUS, we were all living in the hysteria bubble created and pedaled by the mainstream media, as basically every single day since January 20th was a scandal or a misrepresentation of facts, or fake news stories about Trump and his cabinet, blatant lies and exaggerations and so on and so forth.

President Trump’s rally in Florida is set to take place in the AeroMod International hangar at Orlando Melbourne International Airport and it will begin at 5 PM local time on Saturday. The public will be allowed inside starting with 3 PM.

Donald Trump is on his second visit at the AeroMod International Hangar, as he previously made a campaign speech in the same exact location on September 27th prior to his election as POTUS.

According to the local police chief, the audience was then estimated at 8500 people inside of the hangar, but many more others were left outside due to the building’s capacity limits.

President Trump will probably talk about his accomplishments as POTUS so far and also about his future plans. Trump’s fan base was very excited at the news and truth be told, it’s a pretty smart move from The Donald to communicate directly with the American people, just as he did during his campaign via rallies all over the US or daily on Twitter.

Keep in mind that people will be standing during the rally, i.e. there will be no seating. Also, people who really want to see The Donald in the flesh should get there early, because there are limits on how many folks can fit inside that hangar. Just having a ticket doesn’t guarantee entrance.

If you want to attend the rally, you can buy a ticket from here:

Source: Florida Today