Bella Hadid Speaks about Her Muslim Roots, Dating and Lyme Disease

bella hadid

In a new interview for Porter magazine, Bella Hadid opened up about her battle with Lyme disease, her Muslim roots, and her love life after her split from The Weeknd.

The famous model got a lot of attention after it was revealed that she and The Weeknd decided to part ways. Apparently, this overwhelming attention is not something that Bella enjoys. “You feel really overexposed and you don’t want to see anybody… I just want to be in my apartment alone and kind of retreat and be centered again,” she told the magazine.

It also seems that Bella isn’t quite ready to start dating again. She noted that she’s currently focusing on herself and her work. She said that she’s “not really worried about what guys think about me, I’m just trying to be a woman!”

The supermodel also decided to share some details about her Islamic upbringing. “My dad was a refugee when he first came to America, so President Donald Trump’s travel ban is actually very close to home for my sister and brother and me. He was always religious, and he always prayed with us. I am proud to be a Muslim,” she said.

Bella spoke about her battle with Lyme disease as well. She noted that at one point, she couldn’t get out of bed for six days. She told the magazine that her brain would get foggy and she wouldn’t be able to see. The famous model referred to this as the hardest time of her life. Nevertheless, despite her medical struggle, Bella is becoming more successful with each passing year.