Beyoncé marks her territory as actress gets close to Jay-Z! “Get your hand off my man’s chest!”

If Lemonade taught us anything, it’s that Beyoncé is not to be messed with!

Comedian and Girls Trip star Tiffany Haddish hilariously recounted a moment she had with Queen Bey at an after party, which involved how she marked her territory when it looked like someone was getting close to her man.

When an actress had her hands on Jay-Z’s chest, Beyoncé stepped in…

“I was talking to JAY-Z for a little bit, and there was this other actress that was there, who was also talking to JAY-Z,” Haddish explained in an interview for TV One’s UNCENSORED.

“She touched JAY-Z’s chest and Beyoncé came walking up like, ‘Bitchhh.'”

(Just to clarify, Beyoncé didn’t actually say “bitchhh”, but it was apparently all in the attitude and the body language!)

“The way she walked up on her was like, ‘Get your hand off my man’s chest.’”

We wouldn’t want to be that actress!

Who is this unnamed actress, you ask? Tiffany Haddish didn’t want to spill the beans herself, but apparently it could all come out in the not so distant future…

“I ain’t gonna say nothing yet, but it’s gonna be in these streets,” she said.

“You gonna know.”

Ooo, the suspense is killing us!

Who do you think it might be?