Blac Chyna gets hacked, leaves Rob Kardashian and takes baby Dream


Unless you’ve been trapped in a cave with no cell phone reception all weekend, you’ll already know that there’s some serious drama going on between Rob Kardashian and his fiancée Blac Chyna.

If we are to believe everything that’s been posted on various social media accounts, it looks like Blac Chyna has moved out of the home she shares with Rob Kardashian, and also taken their one month old daughter Dream with her.

Her exit was no doubt fuelled by her recent Instagram hack, which exposed messages of her referring to her fiancé as “fat and lazy” and also outlined her plans for leaving him as soon  as she trademarked the Kardashian name.

Naturally, this has completely devastated Rob Kardashian, and he hasn’t been shy about opening up to his fans about it…

“Sorry to be so open but I’m not feeling so good after seeing @blacchyna messages about me and what her plans were. I have never been this heartbroken in my life,” he wrote on Instagram.

“I don’t mind being so open or if anyone thinks I’m being weak but I don’t play when it comes to Family and Chyna was my Family and thought we were getting married. I treated her as a Queen.”

“My baby girl is 1 month old and Chyna took her and left this beautiful home that I just bought for us. Right before Christmas. Someone I have given my all too,” he continued.

“I really believed she was in love with me the way that I was with her and I am so hurt and never felt this before. It’s different when you have a kid with someone. And after reading Chyna’s messages to her best friend she was going to drop me after a year. She didn’t even make it to that.

“I am so broken. This is a woman I fought my entire family for. I was in love with this woman to the fullest and I was none of that to her.”

Poor Rob – we can’t help but feel for him! And if you thought Blac Chyna had an inch of remorse or regret, you’re very mistaken…

“I’M DONE ! This entire year I have done nothing but help Rob! It’s so SAD & PATHETIC how low he’d stoop to cover up HIS PERSONAL ISSUES,” she wrote on a brand new Instagram account.

“Rob is mentally ill & refuses to seek help! He self medicates which makes it worse. I have done nothing but help & loved him from the beginning!

“It’s Chy here I got my own!!! I was doing swell before I got with him! I got him out of khloe’s house, helped him lose all that f–king weight for him to do nothing & gain it all back! Rob asked for all of this! Rob begged me to have Dream!

“He stressed me out my ENTIRE PREGNANCY!!! Accusing me of cheating, going crazy on me with massive text blast daily! being an absolute lunatic & then cover it up with gifts! I was verbally abused every other day. I was still there with nothing but high hopes for us!”

We have no idea what’s actually going on, but we hope they can make peace and come to some sort of agreement for the sake of their gorgeous one month old daughter.

We’ll keep you posted with more developments as and when they happen.