Brad Pitt Desperate to See His Kids for Christmas, But Doesn’t Know If He Will

brad pitt

Brad Pitt hasn’t seen his kids on Thanksgiving, and still doesn’t know if he will get a chance to spend time with them for Christmas. Ever since he split with Angelina Jolie, back in September, the former couple started battling over custody for their 6 children.

Jolie filed for full custody of the kids, after Brad allegedly hit one of his kids on a plane in September. However, both the FBI and the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services found nothing when they investigated this alleged incident. Pitt agreed to visits only after a therapist gave the go-ahead. Since their split, Brad has seen his kids only four times, and he already missed spending time with them during one major holiday. Now it seems that he won’t get to see them on Christmas as well.

Pitt spent Thanksgiving alone in Turks and Caicos, and according to one of his friends, the actor became sad and frustrated about not seeing his kids often. He is now requesting a step-up in connection and additional 30-60 minute visits with his children. He notes that it has become increasingly difficult to schedule visits and meeting, due to his and Jolie’s extremely busy schedules.

The famous actor has requested joint physical custody, but a court hearing still hasn’t been set.