California Splitting Away? Some Believe It May Happen

Group Thinks California Should Form its Own Nation

yes california

According to a pro-secession group running under the “Yes California” moniker, the Golden State should become a nation unto itself.

Calls for California splitting from the US became increasingly obvious on the social media after Tuesday’s election of Donald Trump as the US 45th president.

But could it be possible to see the US breaking apart in our life time?

While I hardly believe that these guys have a real shot at winning a secession vote, the Yes California Independence Campaign filled paperwork with the State Attorney General back in November, asking for a 2018 ballot measure.

The aim of the ballot measure is to modify California’s constitution with regard to the language which binds the state to the United States.

A recent statement on the Yes California’s official website announced the opening of a cultural center of sorts in Moscow, Russia. This one is supposedly the first of many other planned cultural centers,aimed to build a bridge between “the nation of California”, whatever that means, and the nations in the world.

What these guys are trying to say is that they are already opening embassies, first in Russia of all places. If the 2018 ballot proposal comes to fruition, Yes California will follow with a 2019 vote which will declare the state’s independence or the lack thereof.

For California Independence Day to become a hard fact rather than a naive publicity stunt, at least 50% of the state’s eligible voters will have to cast their ballot (I wonder if illegal immigrants will be allowed to vote) and 55% will have to vote for California’s independence.

Truth be told, discussions about California (and Texas by the way) seceding from the nation are nothing new, but the move gained momentum after The Donald’s victory in the 2016 election.

Hillary Clinton basically won the popular vote in the US courtesy of California only, the country’s most populous state, where she gained 62% of the votes, defeating Trump in a landslide.

Also, California is one of the few states in the country where the GoP makes for a shrinking minority, i.e. the DEMs control the Legislature, all statewide elected offices and 39 of 53 congressional seats.

The argument for California’s independence is that the Golden State loves undocumented (read illegal and voting DEM) immigrants Trump vowed to deport, Obama Care and the Global Warming theory, all being issues at odds with the new Trump administration.

Source: Dailynews