Casey Affleck will miss this year’s Oscars amidst controversy

Casey Affleck’s Oscars appearance was very controversial last year!

Not only were people upset that he had won the Best Actor accolade following several sexual harassment allegations, but they were also upset that Brie Larson – an advocate for sexual assault survivors – was the one who had to present it to him.

Oscars tradition dictates that the Best Actor winner from the previous year is the one who presents the award to the next year’s Best Actress winner, and vice versa.

However, considering all the controversy around Casey Affleck at last year’s Academy Awards – not to mention the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal – the actor has announced that he will  be skipping the awards ceremony altogether.

Apparently the actor came to the decision on his own, although a petition – which now has almost 20,000 signatures – started in back in October, insisting the Academy find another presenter for this year’s Best Actress award.

When asked to comment on Affleck’s withdrawal, a spokesperson for the Academy Awards simply said, “we appreciate the decision to keep the focus on the show and the great work of this year.”

No word on who the new Best Actress presenter will be, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as we know more!

Do you think Casey Affleck made the right decision?