“Cash Me Outside” Girl Danielle Bregoli Gets Her Own Reality TV Show

danielle bregoli

The teenager who got famous after her appearance on Dr. Phil has just signed a deal for her own reality TV show. Danielle Bregoli is a viral star known for her extremely rude behavior, who managed to ink a deal for show that will focus on her daily life.

Although it has yet to begin filming, producers are currently trying to shop the concert around numerous TV networks. Reportedly, they are very confident that the show will get picked up. According to Bregoli’s managers, production companies are especially interested in doing a TV show that includes both Danielle and her mother, Barbara Ann Bregoli.

According to her managers, Danielle and her mother would have to move from Florida to Hollywood if they want to see their show on the air. Although the viral star is only 14 years old, she has managed to attract a lot of attention.

She instantly became one of the most notable guests on Dr. Phil upon her appearance, where she argued and threatened the audience. Due to her reckless behavior, she became an overnight sensation. A clip from her Dr. Phil appearance in which she argues with the audience has gathered over 35 million views on YouTube thus far.