Cher Complains about Costly Asthma Meds after ACA Repeal Yet She is Worth $305mn


The liberal hypocrisy just went through the roof after yesterday’s partial repeal of Obamacare by the House. The incredibly wealthy celebrity/pop star artist turned bleeding heart liberal went on to Twitter on Thursday whining and deploring the way in which Republicans tried to repeal/replace the failing Affordable Care Act which is anything but affordable for the vast majority of tax payers.

Jut to give you an example, 94 of 99 counties in Iowa have no options left in the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare system. Over seventy thousand taxpayers in Iowa would be left out of the healthcare insurance system if Donald Trump and the GOP did nothing to mitigate the disaster left behind by Obamacare, a legislation that was built on deception and many lies.

But, you know, how about old leftist millionaire celebrities who are dying of asthma? Let’s see what Cher had to say about it:



Why does Cher always tweet like a serial killer?

Poor rich girl…the problem with that tweet is that Cher is worth a whopping  $305 million, yet she can’t afford asthma medication. Sounds legit. Twitter users ripped her apart though:

To give you an example about the disaster called Obamacare: my uncle is retired and he suffers from asthma since childhood. Obama basically stole 750 billion dollars from Medicare, that we all pay into, right? and he gave that lump of cash to Obamacare. My uncle’s copay for an asthma-inhaler is now $45. And for him, this is an essential medicine.

Before EPA, the same inhaler cost him $5

I’m in so sick of the so-called celebrities spouting off, they need to just go away and leave us alone. .