Chilling pictures of Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery finally released

Pictures of the crime scene following Kim Kardashian’s traumatic Paris robbery, which saw her tied up and gagged inside her hotel room, have finally been released.

The images were obtained by French television network TF1 as part of a video re-enactment of the robbery.

We must warn you though, some of the images – especially the picture of the tie that was used to gag her – are actually quite chilling.

Here’s the tape that she was tied up with:

The tie that was used to gag her:

The bed:

The bathroom:

Extremely disturbing, to say the least.

Although Kim hasn’t returned to Paris since the robbery, we hope she will sleep a little better knowing that a series of arrests were made last month in relation to the crime.

We would love to see her return to the French capital for Paris Fashion Week to support sister Kendall Jenner, who is dominating the runways.

But we also wouldn’t blame her for giving it a miss this season, either.