Christina Milian Nipple Show Will Make Your Day


The holiday season is here with us and so are celebrities letting every second on the limelight count, Christina Milian nipple show the latest buzz to make jaws drop. Leaving nothing to the imagination of adoring fans appear to be the theme heading into year-end, as celebrities move to showcase their most prized assets.

While hosting the Curve fragrance event in New York City, Milian made sure that all the limelight in the special event was always going to be on her, having opted for a racy look according to Hollywood life. Rocking a skin-tight blue metallic Laquan Smith Sheer dress, there was no way the 35-year-old singer was ever going to stop her figure from popping out, as her nipples remained the center of attention.

Christina Milian nipple show was further enhanced by the fact that she decided to go bra-less knowing very well that her skin-tight dress was made out of mesh. Even on rocking nipple pasties the same did not do, much to hide her nipples let alone her curvaceous look that until now remain the talk of the street. If a woman with Christina body shape needed special attention from men let alone women, then the mesh dress made sure everything was on point.

Amidst the controversy Christina, looked happy and relaxed reports Egotastic, having made her point when it comes to beauty and glamor.  The raunchy dress perfectly matched with her Silver T-bar high heels that made her look taller than usual. The brunette bombshell who unlike other aging celebrities is now starting to be known for her revealing outfits having  learnt a lesson or two from emerging celebrities in the ever evolving showbiz space.

This is not the first time that the singer and actress has made jaws drop in what many can call sheer utter nudeness.  Recently she stepped out in a sheer cat suit as if to show off the fruits of her vigorous workouts in the gym. Going for sex appeal when it comes to dress code is not uncommon in Hollywood given the high stakes with the emergence of new competition every day.

The sheer and invisible dress codes are especially working for old celebrities who are feeling the heat from raw talents of the likes of Kylie Jenner, and Bella Hadid that are leaving nothing to chance in showing every inch of their bodies. However, Christina Milian nipple show might have gone too far, given that she has nothing else to prove given her illustrious career in acting and singing.

Christina Milian nipple show in sheer fabric made it clear that she is not yet ready to call it quits even as motherhood starts to kick in, at the back of stiff competition from young celebrities. The same could be an indication that she wants to make a comeback to TV having seen her reality documentary canceled after two seasons according to Daily Star