Christopher Plummer on replacing Kevin Spacey in Ridley Scott movie: “I’m very saddened by what happened to Kevin”

Last week, we told you that Ridley Scott made the decision to axe Kevin Spacey from All The Money In The World just weeks before it was due to be released, and give the role to Christopher Plummer instead.

Now, Christopher Plummer has spoken out about the director’s decision, as well as what he makes of Kevin Spacey following the sexual assault allegations.

“I think it’s very sad what happened to him,” the 87-year-old actor told Vanity Fair.

“Kevin is such a talented and a terrifically gifted actor, and it’s so sad. It’s such a shame. That’s all I can say, because that’s it.”

Christopher Plummer continued to talk about what shooting for Ridley Scott’s film is really like, adding that the role is about so much more than just replacing Kevin Spacey…

“It’s really not replacing him – It’s starting all over again,” he continued.

“Although the situation is very sad. I’m very saddened by what happened to Kevin, but what can I do? I’ve got a role.

“I admire Ridley Scott and I’m thrilled to be making a movie for him. And so I thought, that was it.

“Ages ago I was in contention for the role, way back. So I was familiar with it, and then Ridley came to me and I agreed.

“I wanted to work with him. He’s very good. I loved the script. The script is wonderful.”

Re-shoots for the film will reportedly start on November 20 in London and Rome, and will also include Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg.

All the Money in the World is still slated for release on December 22.