David Walliams in big trouble over “racist” Kim Jong-Un Halloween costume

We guess that Stranger Things costume wasn’t the only thing to cause offense this Halloween.

British comedian David Walliams has come under fire for his costume of North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Un, with social media users around the world accusing him of racism and doing “yellow face”.

“Yellowface is racist and inappropriate in all instances, delete this” – @pulpfictitious

He debuted the look at Jonathon Ross’s Halloween party last night, and even appeared to alter the shape of his eyelids to match those of the dictator.

He posted an image of his costume on Twitter, and as you can imagine, his post was met with copious disgruntled replies.

Here are some of the disgusted Tweets:


Brilliant- you went as racism.


the scariest part of this costume is how you find it acceptable to continue to dress up as other races for ‘comedy’


Wow. This is unacceptable and racist.


Yellowface is racist and inappropriate in all instances, delete this


Truly horrifying. I hope this becomes a pivotable moment where you come to fully understand why this is utterly unacceptable. Race≠costume.

What do you make of David Walliams’ costume?