Deer and Monkey Caught on Video Having Sex in World First

2 Animals from 2 Totally Different Species


Today’s breaking and amusing news is also very weird, as 2 animals from 2 totally different species were caught on video having what scientists call “consensual sex”. If you thought that zoophilia is something specific to humans, well, you were wrong.

There’s a new scientific paper called “‘Interspecies sexual behavior between a male Japanese macaque and female sika deer” which describes what it appears to be the world’s first recorded instance of what scientist describe as reproductive interference between 2 completely different species of animals.

The research may also explain why zoophiles (a paraphilia which can be described as a sexual fixation on animals, or bestiality) are attracted to non-human species.

Until now, reproductive interference was observed across a wide range of species in the animal kingdom, but usually  happened between closely related species/animals which also look pretty similar.

Also,  the reports about inter-species sexual relations are mostly regarding animals which were born and bred in captivity, ant that’s relatively normal, since wild animals are impossible to supervise 24/7.

It’s worth mentioning that, until now, the vast majority of interspecies sexual behavior constituted a kind of sexual harassment so to speak. To give you an example, scientists observed previously seals harassing penguins, which is very funny to imagine, not to mention seeing it live on camera.

This new scientific paper is very different, as it reports two wild animals, as opposed to born/bred captive, which are engaging in consensual sex, i.e. a female sika deer and a male Japanese macaque, with absolutely zero coercion as both animals appear to enjoy it equally.

Researchers wrote in the journal Primates that Japanese macaques are known from past experiences to ride along on deer, but the monkey in this new study shows obvious sexual behavior towards female deer and while some tried to escape the monkey’s sexual advances, others consented, including the one in the video, and accepted the mount.

The most likely explanation for the deer’s acceptance is mate deprivation and usually, this kind of behavior is thought to be the consequence of one animal failing to recognize what species the other animal is, which also explains why interspecies sexual behavior in the animal kingdom happens mostly between species that are very closely related and look similar.

Source: New Scientist